Kristine's "Story of Hope"

Kristine's mother was diagnosed on April 14, 2004 with advanced cancer. She has colon cancer, liver cancer, and unknown cancers.

But that's not stopping this mother and daughter. Her treatments will begin on Monday, April 19th, but there is a lot to be said for the faith that both of them seem to possess. What Kristine knows, is that her mother has family who are caring and helping her. They will help her through this.

As for inspirational words for others also enduring the same thing her mother is, Kristine says to, "Believe in the courage in yourself and the courage that is around you everyday."

With this "Courage", together along with all of the people that support and love her mother, this battle is certain to be won.

As I found myself, Kristine, with "hope" and "courage" on your mothers side, anything is possible.

Wishing you, your mother, and your family all of the love, luck, health, and blessings that life has to offer...

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